Lessons Learned

A few things that we learned along the way -- things that we might have done differently had we known...

  • Bring more extension cords/adapters. There are never outlets where you need them, and some places only have non-grounded.
    • Note: Use care connecting devices together that are plugged into different outlets. Bad wiring w/ hot/neutral reversed & improper ground bonding within your equipment can fry your gear.
  • Drivers & navigators should study the routes ahead of time. Print/store extra maps/directions sets for offline use. Don't rely solely on the Internet, and don't rely on a single offline copy when in remote unfamiliar territory.
  • Always count passports (and make sure they're all yours) before leaving a border crossing. Government agents misplace things too.
  • Big touring windows + dry erase markers = endless fun
  • Don't forget the Dramamine!
  • Record each lesson learned as soon as you think of it -- otherwise you will forget most of them....